3 Lectureships / Assistant Professorships at Lancaster University (UK)

The Biomedical and Life Sciences department at Lancaster University is hiring three lecturers (grade 8 – equivalent of assistant professor), including one flagged for bioinformatics/systems biology.
I would be very pleased if a fellow worm group leader came to join us. The position involves research and teaching (mostly research for the first couple of years to allow for settling in). The positions are permanent provided recruits pass their probation period (usually within three years).
In terms of existing facilities, I have a decent worm setup and I am overseeing the departmental bioimaging equipment so we have a good range of microscopes and plate-readers that suit worm work very well. I will be happy to support the transition of any new worm group at Lancaster and to share resources to ensure the success of the worm cluster.
Candidates with bioinformatics, systems biology, integrated physiology, pharmacology or neuroscience backgrounds are particularly welcome. Note that there are also two Drosophila groups (Sue Broughton and David Clancy) with their own facilities, and a sport scientist with a combined clinical and C. elegans background (Chris Gaffney), with whom we collaborate as part of the invertebrate group. If you have enquiries before applying, do not hesitate to write to me notably to receive the links to the job postings as I am not allowed to provide the address here (as a new user of the forum).

Good luck to all applicants,

Alexandre Benedetto (ABA lab)