Automatic NGM plate Pourer

We’re in the market for an Automatic agar plate pourer and wanted to
know if you could recommend one.
We’re looking to pour 60 and 100mm plates. Simple operation and easy
clean-up preferred.

Thanks in advance.

We have been using the PourMatic MP-1000 for a couple of years now with no issues…

Here is the Link


Luv ;D

Hi CliffLuke,

We have been using a Wheaton Unispense Peristaltic Pump for ~10 years with no real problems. It is very easy to set up as well as to clean afterwards. Here is the link:

I believe that Fisher carries them also.

Good Luck!

I second the recommendation for the Unispense. Order the pedal-operated dispense controller, too; it’s much more convenient than using the timed dispense mode.

Our lab just started using the PourMatic MP1000. It’s completely automated: load the media ingredients, plates, and it will autoclave it and dispense everything for you. However it sometimes jams up (though I think the vendor has fixed this problem) so usually we like to have somebody nearby to keep an eye on it as it runs.

The Unispense is also a great piece of equipment, though to be clear it’s just a fairly precise dispenser, and someone has to manually handle the plates. That just means that somebody has to spend several hours per week to pour the plates for a small-medium worm lab.