Camera Recommendations

Can people recommend a good enough quality video camera to fit on the C-mount of a dissecting scope ( that is capable of recording both pump rate and thrashing, and exporting the data in a hassle-free way to a personal laptop (i.e. doesn’t have a limit on the number of computers that can install the camera software)? The cheaper the better, but quality/usability of data is crucial so we are willing to consider most reasonable options that don’t cost and arm and a leg.


you might want to consider one of the older Nikon Coolpix cameras and a C mount adapter. These cameras have good lenses and sensors and they can capture 30+ seconds of video @ 30fps.

Ebay has loads and they are not expensive.

Software: there are lots of open source video players out there, just need to match the codecs of the player and the video camera formats. You can export the videos straight into ImageJ.

The added advantage of the latter (ImageJ) is that there is also a plugin to analyse thrashing: