CDC-42 antibody?

Does anyone happen to know of a commercially available antibody that recognizes worm CDC-42?

any use?:

Thanks, Steve! Has anybody actually used this in C. elegans? The two references listed on the Santa Cruz page are using it in other species.

looks like Julie Ahringer’s group tried this SC Ab but without success:

However, that was in 2001!


CDC-42 is very well conserved. Depending what epitope was used, you might get lucky and have success with antibody to mammalian Cdc42.

We used the cN-17 anti-CDC-42 (sc-9279) antibody by IF. Beautiful apical staining in the intestine from 1.5 fold, nicely mislocalised when targeting AP-1, like the GFP::CDC-42 construct (Shafaq-Zadah et al 2012).
The only problem: no staining outside the intestine, none in the early embryo, and no way to demonstrate that it was specific for CDC-42, because the cdc-42(RNAi) induces embryonic arrest before the formation of the intestine.
In the end we couldn’t publish the result and had to rely on the GFP fusion. I can send you pictures if you want.