check of the post synapse

Dear all,

I need an easy assay to check the correct function of the post synapse. Is Levamisole the only way? Is there an alternative?

Thanks a lot

what specifically about post-synaptic function do you want to test? and which synapses?

levamisol is specific to the nmj, only tests AchRs and downstream (and only a subset of them at that).

without e-phys, you did say easy, your best bet is to be creative with aldicarb and levamisol, and use a combination of a knockout, specific promoters to restore expression of your gene pre and post synaptically and possibly rnai in and out of a background allowing knockdown in neurons.

another thing: did you check your expression patterns? If you’re looking at the nmj, is the gene you’re looking at expressed in muscles? does it localize post-synaptically?

sadly, i don’t think there is a way to say for sure that post-synaptic function is completely normal without phys, which certainly isn’t easy.