Computational biologist position with the modENCODE project

Lincoln Stein of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR),
Suzanna Lewis of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Gos
Micklem of the University of Cambridge are looking for a consultant to
work on the modENCODE ( project, whose aim is
to discover and explore the genomes of C. elegans and D. melanogaster,
using new scientific strategies and new technologies for discovery.
Our role is to manage the Data Collection Center (DCC) for the entire
modENCODE project, and this position will place the successful
applicant in a consortium of world-class international researchers.

This individual will be a pivotal team member, responsible for
interacting with several external research labs, as well as with
internal software developers, to collect and collate experimental data
of many different types. Several laboratories are carrying out a
diverse range of large-scale, high-throughput, novel experiments. A
background in biology will be needed to facilitate the collection of
experimental details, and perform quality control of the resulting
experimental data. This person must be able to quickly learn new
methodologies and laboratory techniques, including computational
analysis methods, and be able to understand their strengths and
limitations. In addition to a strong background in biology, the
candidate must be knowledgeable in programming and/or software
development. In such a liaison position the candidate must also
possess verbal and written communication skills, particularly for
understanding requirements from biologists, and to productively work
in a collaborative environment. The ideal candidate will have
experience with high-throughput biological techniques such as
microarrays and/or second-generation sequencing technologies (i.e.
Illumina), and analyzing the results of such experiments.

These are contracted positions for the OICR, and will be coordinated
by the team in Berkeley, CA. Ideally, you will be located in either
the Pacific Northwest (such as Seattle, WA) or East Coast (such as New
York, NY), and willing to spend an initial phase (~3-6 months) in
Berkeley, CA, and week-long visits 2x per year. Most likely you will
be situated in a home-office, and will require local travel ~25% of
the time.

Required Qualifications
M.S. or higher in Biology or Bioinformatics.
Ability to use Unix/Linux command line.
Some formal training in Computer Science, such as algorithms and data
Familiarity with Perl/Ruby, and/or other programming languages
Very detail-oriented
Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
Strong people-skills
Willing to travel locally up to 25%

Laboratory experience with either C. elegans or D. melanogaster
Familiarity with Object-Oriented programming, data structures, and
algorithms related to sequence analysis
Familiarity with databases and SQL
Familiarity with Wiki development

Please contact Suzanna Lewis ( with your CV and
letter of interest if this position seems right for you.