Crossing strains with mutations on same chromosome

I want to cross two strains with different mutations on two genes to obtain a strain with both mutations.
Unfortunately the genes are on the same chromosome.

Somebody has a recommendations how to do this?

Thanks for help.

Conceptually, it’s an easy experiment. Mate the strains containing the desired mutations and recover recombinant lines. In practice, how easy or difficult it will be depends on a number of factors.

  1. How closely linked are the two mutations?
  2. Do the mutations have phenotypes that are easily scored?
  3. If not, are there molecular tools (e.g., Snip-SNPs) for screening the mutations?
  4. Does either mutation affect progeny production (mating efficiency/lethality/sterility)?
  5. Is either (or both) mutation(s) linked to a morphological marker(s)?

Absent these details, it’s difficult to propose a plan of attack.


I found this helpful when I was in a similar situation.

Thanks ‘snug’ and Harold.
I will go for the standard crossing and hope for some fortunate crossing over.