Eyepiece camera recommendations

We’re looking to get an eyepiece camera to capture images from our stereomicroscopes. Does anybody have any experience of these, and what models would they recommend?
We were hoping to drive the camera from a tablet for portability.

We use Motic cameras for our teaching labs and they work fine.
They come with adapters to fit over one of the eyepieces - these work for stereoscopes or regular scopes.
If you want higher resolution, you should go with the Moticam 3 or higher ($700). However, there only have USB output.
The Moticam X ($400) has wifi, but it has noticeably lower resolution and sensitivity. Okay for worms, but poor for GFP.
I see that there is a newer MoticamX2 ($550), which has better resolution, but I have not tried it.
Of course, many of our students prefer to take pictures with their smart phones.
If I were going to just have one set-up for the lab, I would probably try jury-rigging a holder and buying a regular mini-camera.
You get a lot more camera for your $ if you don’t buy a “microscope camera”
Good luck, Janet