Faculty positions (junior groups) at the University of Freiburg

Several faculty (group leader) positions available at University of Freiburg.
I would like to draw your attention to several openings for group leader positions (junior faculty, assistant professor) to start new labs at the University of Freiburg. These positions are available for five years and come with an excellent setup: typically, salaries for PI, 1-2 postdocs, 1-2 graduate students and a technician are provided for a total of five years, consumables between 50-80,000 $ per year, and equipment for up to 540,000 $.

Positions in two research centers are available:

At bioss, Center for Biological Signalling Studies:

At FRIAS, the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (see below). FRIAS is a brandnew institute of the University of Freiburg financed by the Federal Excellence Initiative. The respective labs (3) will be hosted by the new Center for Systems Biology (ZBSA, www.zbsa.de) and come with a particularly attractive setup. Although the deadline for applications just passed, I would strongly encourage interested C. elegans researchers to still apply by online submission. To be on the safe side, send me an Email announcing a proposed application to baumeister@celegans.de , or send me by Email a copy of the application.

Positions are available starting at any time this year or early next year.

Freiburg is one of Germany’s top universities in the Life Sciences and Medicine located at the slopes of the Black Forest, very close (less than 50 miles) to Basel (FMI Friedrich-Miescher-Institute, Biozentrum) and Strasbourg (IGBMC, CNRS). The city is considered to be one of the three most beloved places in Germany http://www.freiburg.de/servlet/PB/menu/1140679_l2/index.html
Ralf Baumeister, PhD, Director ZBSA Freiburg Center for Systems Biology.

The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Life Sciences LIFENET offers

three JUNIOR FELLOW Research Group Leader Positions

The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) is a new research center at the University of Freiburg. FRIAS is funded by the German Federal and State Governments within the framework of the 2006/2007 Excellence Initiative for the promotion of academic research.
The FRIAS School of Life Sciences (LIFENET) invites applications for

three JUNIOR FELLOW Research Group Leader Positions

in the field of Life Sciences/Medicine to study „complex systems“, the research topic of LIFENET.
The fellowship package includes salary for the LIFENET Junior Fellow and for one post-doc, two PhD-student positions, and a technician as well as an attractive start-up package.
LIFENET will bring together scientists involved in systems biology research to study how the complex properties of biological systems are defined by the interactions of their components. The purpose of these Junior Research Fellowships is to offer researchers of exceptional calibre who are at an early stage of their academic careers an opportunity to pursue experimental and theoretical research in this environment. We are interested in establishing groups with a focus on integrative systems biology, technology development in biology/medicine, emergent properties of biological systems, genetic networks, network-based data integration, design of biological databases, statistical methods of software development. The positions are open for up to five years (initially three years, with the possibility of a two year extension after positive evaluation). Interactions with the research focus of the established Life Science departments of Freiburg University, in particular with the excellence cluster bioss (biological signaling studies - from analysis to synthesis), FRISYS and other collaborative research projects (e.g. SFB592, SFB620, SFB746, SFB780) are expected. A documented interest in conducting research with a strong interdisciplinary focus is a prerequisite.
The Junior groups will be affiliated with one of the participating departments and will be located at the newly established Center for Systems Biology (ZBSA), together with the core facilities in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and imaging. They will join the other experimental and theoretical junior research groups at ZBSA to create a dynamic and innovative research environment.
Applications should include a motivation letter, CV, list of publications, names and contact information of three references and a research proposal (about 3 pages, with a strong focus on the future research plans and interactions). Applications should be uploaded at lifenet.biologie.uni-freiburg.de (this site stays open, although the official deadline already passed: Ralf B.).