Fluorescence Adaptors for Stereomicroscope

Hi Everybody,

I am looking for an inexpensive, yet effective, way to see fluorescence with my Tritech SMT1 stereomicrosope. Does anybody have experience with using fluorescence adaptors like those below?




I’d prefer to switch between transmitted and fluorescence rather quickly and have reduced background fluorescence. I am mostly interested in visualizing GFP. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi Jess,

If you’re looking for an awesome and cheap way to visualize bright GFP, you could try using LEDs as reported previously in the WBG.

I think I’ve seen the NIGHTSEA demo’d previously at a meeting but they only had samples that had a bright signal (like myo-2::gfp), so I can’t comment on its ability to detect weaker signals.


the systems you mention seem way overpriced for what they are (which is often the case for commercial spin offs from research), you can gather the components for a 10th of the price on Ebay and with a little care make a functioning system…as Snug says, the WBG solution is a good starting point as LEDs are getting better all the time.


Thanks for your responses and opinions. I’ll try the DIY version!