Freezing Down Worms and RNAi clones

Has anyone ever used regular eppy tubes to freeze down their strains and RNAi clones rather than the Nunc cryo vials? I need to freeze down a lot of both for storage at -80C. We’ve got a ton of eppy tubes but are very low on the nunc tubes, so I am wondering if there is any major disadvantage to using the eppys? i.e. if they have been known to crack, etc. Thanks!

we have already used eppendorf 1.5 and 2 ml tubes to freeze worms and we had never had any problem. We also use them to freeze bacteria. They work fine at -80°C freezer (I have never use them for stocks in liquid nitrogen).
I hope this would help!

Never store anything in liquid nitrogen except in a tube rated for this use. It the tubes are not sealed and liquid nitrogen gets into them, they may explode when removed. For -80 use, however, I have never had a problem using standard 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes.