Gateway entry vectors containing tissue-specific promoters

Dear all,

I am looking for the following promoters cloned into a Gateway entry vector. I intend to transfer them into a final vector that contains the Rfc C1 cassette in front of my gene of interest:

  • ges-1
  • myo-2
  • myo-3
  • unc-17
  • unc-47
  • snb-1
    Does anyone have one or some of these that they would be willing to send me?
    Thank you, kind regards,


Alexandre Benedetto, PhD
Institute of Healthy Ageing
University College London
Darwin Building
United Kingdom


just in case you hit a blank…have you looked through the National BIOresource Project database? For example;

I’ve no idea how hard or easy it is to prise a plasmid out of the listed contributors but it’s worth a shot as they have at least 2 on your list, maybe more I didn’t look.