Gene expression study using qPCR

Dear all,

i am bit confused about which/how a gene can be selected for qPCR gene expression study.

There are plenty of genes lie within a particular signaling pathway. For instance, you don’t quantify daf-16 activity using qPCR because we observe for localization/delocalization activities instead. qPCR on daf-16 would be meaningless.

While for genes such as mtl-1, sod-3 (stress related), spp-1, lys-8 (antimicrobial-related), we can perform qPCR for query.

anyone may explain how the selection basis is made then? Thank you…

Frequently these genes come up as regulated by a factor or pathway of interest in microarray or RNA-seq studies. Frequently folks pick a highly disregulated gene and it becomes a qPCR readout for the activity of that pathway.

oh i see! Thank you