Genes expressed in P0-P12

Hello Worm Community,

I was curious as to whether any genes have been reported to be expressed only in the 13 neuroblasts P0-P12.

I have searched through the literature and have found several genes whose expression is enriched in some or all of these cells at various times throughout development, but have been unable to find an example of a gene whose expression is confined only to these cells.

Alternatively, have any specific promoter or 3’ UTR elements been identified that drive expression specifically in these 13 cells?

Any comments or ideas would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Allen Andrews

Hi Allen,

It depends on when you want to visualize expression in these cells specifically. hlh-3 appears to be confined to P0-P12 in early L1s, before they divide to become VNC MNs and Pn.p cells.

See the following link for more details:;class=Expr_pattern