GFP intensity in RNAi hypersensitive strains ([i]eri-1 or lin-15b[/i])

Do RNAi hypersensitive strains (eri-1 or lin-15b) have a reduced GFP or RFP in general (transgene silencing)?

I made a triple mutants containing gene of interest::GFP; eri-1; lin15-b, but the intensity of GFP is very low (near absent).

Do you know any paper about it?

Yes, many RNAi sensitive strains also silence transgenic arrays. I have seen it using a rrf-3;sur-5::gfpIs double. Since transgene silencing and RNAi sensitivity are mechanistically related I don’t know whether you have RNAi hypersensitive mutants without transgene silencing. Alla Grishok has written some papers on this. They might explain a bit more e.g.:

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I crossed otIs33 (kal-1::GFP) into the eri-1(mg336) background and found no change in GFP expression. As expected, the resulting strain was more sensitive to gfp-directed RNAi than the otIs33 single.

For several transgenes I crossed into eri-1(mg366), the GFP expression are silenced dramatically. However, there are also other transgenes not obviously silenced.