Group Search, BioDev Unit/CNRS, Observatoire Oceanologique/UPMC, France

The Developmental Biology Unit at the Observatoire Océanologique in Villefranche-sur-Mer, affiliated to the University Pierre and Marie Curie and the CNRS, near Nice on the French Mediterranean coast, is seeking to attract new groups.
The Unit has a strong record in addressing basic problems in developmental and cell biology, mainly using marine species, and achieved the highest rating of A+ in the 2008 research assessment exercise. It is well equipped with common facilities for molecular biology, digital and confocal imaging and electron microscopy. 42 members, including permanent scientists, support staff, PhD students and post-docs are organised around 7 research groups:
Jenifer Croce – Regionalization and morphogenesis in sea urchin embryos
Evelyn Houliston – Developmental determinants and axial patterning in the cnidarian Clytia
Thierry Lepage – Axis specification and signalling pathways in the sea urchin embryo
Alex McDougall – Regulation of meiotic and mitotic divisions in ascidians
Christian Sardet – Fertilisation and polarity in ascidians
Stefano Tiozzo – Chordate regeneration in the colonial ascidian Botryllus
Hitoyoshi Yasuo- Cell fate specification in the ascidian embryo

Our aim is to integrate two additional groups during 2012-14, able to complement existing themes and maintain the high level of research excellence. As well as basic developmental and cell biology, we would welcome Evo-Devo and comparative genomics approaches.

Depending on the level of experience and current situation of the candidate, various possibilities for start-up funding exist. For example:

European Research Council: The ERC proposes Starting Grants for candidates 2-12 years after PhD and Advanced Grants for established scientists.
ATIP-Avenir: (deadline approaching, 12 Dec. 2011).
ANR : The ANR proposes specific funding opportunities for junior and senior “Chairs of Excellence and Returning Postdocs.

NB. candidates who have made applications to the upcoming deadlines for research funding from any of the above funding sources would clearly carry an advantage in the spring selection procedure. Candidates unfamiliar with the French system should feel free to contact us for further information and explanations

Motivated scientists should provide a CV, 2-3 page research project and motivation letter by February 10th, 2012. Short-listed candidates will be invited to Villefranche in spring 2012 to present their projects.
Contact details for further information:
Unit Director: Evelyn Houliston
Tel: +33 (0)493763983