how to search rearrangements (specifically, deletions) in WB2

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Can someone tell me how to find deletions in the new Wormbase? There is no “rearrangements” choice listed on the pulldown search menu for either WB2 or the legacy site, so you have to search all. There is a “variations” choice in WB2, but that produces no results. The new site pulls up lots of papers that cite a rearrangement (I tried qDf3) and even the strain that contains it. But there is no link to a description of the genetic/genomic limits of the deletion. If you click on the underlined “qDf3”) in the strain you just go right back to the original search. In the legacy WB, somewhere in all of the other results you get from searching “anything” is a link to the actual rearrangement position.

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This isn’t an elegant solution, but it works: look in the Genetic Map, a publication the CGC used to publish, and which Leon used to host a downloadable version of on his website. That website is down now, but you can still get the PDF through the Wayback Machine here, for example.

I’m sure someone who is more experienced with getting data out of WormBase or spends some time figuring it out will give you a more directly responsive answer, but - at least for Df’s known in 2003 -I think this will get you what you want.

… also, if you search for a specific deficiency in the category “Anything” not at but in one of the old version freezes (, from 2009, for example), you can get to the Rearrangement page for that deficiency. Once on that page, you can then look up other deficiencies directly or search for deficiencies including or excluding a particular gene. Why this doesn’t work for the new site or the legacy site using the current database, I don’t know.

We’re building a Rearrangement display for the new site. It should be ready within the week.

I’m struggling to find these, while the legacy site had a nice description of rearrangement endpoints. Where does one find the rearrangements page now?