How to use my example scripts

If you would like to use my example scripts posted in this forum, follow these directions. You should be nominally familiar with how to use the command line. Note that I don’t use and can’t support the use of these scripts on Windows environments. Sorry!

Hardware / OS prerequisites

Most of the data mining scripts here require very little processing power. A basic Mac, circa 2005 or later, or Intel box running a variant of Linux should be sufficient.


You will need the following software components:
[td]5.6.1 or higher[/td]
[td]presintalled on most systems[/td]

[td]1.89 or higher[/td]
[td]Installation docs on the WormBaseWiki

[td]1.5 or higher[/td]
[td]Installation docs on the [url=“”]WormBaseWiki[/td]

Script usage

To use any of the scripts, you’ll need to save them on your system and know how to run them locally. Each script has a link where you can download the full script. I recommend you use that to avoid typing or cutting/pasting errors.

Once you have the script, you need to me it “executable”:

cd ~ // or wherever you downloaded the script to

Make the script executable

chmod 755

Find out how to use the script

I use the same basic format for all of my scripts - this command will work for them all.

./ --help
That’s it! Please let me know how things work for you!