Knudra Grants for Transgenics Construction

What is the motivation for this grant?
Support from the C elegans community has allowed Knudra Transgenics to thrive. To give back, Knudra is offering a chance to obtain free transgenics through its Knudra Grants program. Any topic that needs C. elegans transgenics can be used. Ideally, a submission can be any radical idea that might have broad public appeal but remains unfunded by traditional means because it is “lacking preliminary data.”

Who can apply?
Like the Faucet Catalyst Grant, individuals from both academic and for-profit institutions may apply. Unlike the Faucet Catalyst Grant, individuals anywhere in the world can apply and compete.

How to apply?
Submission details can be found at:

What is the deadline for applications?
March 14, 2014

Who will evaluate the applications?
Public voting will decide the winner. Unlike most other funding mechanisms where an elite few can use their bias to stop a good proposal from being funded, Knudra grants puts the power of the decision firmly into the hand of the community.

When will grants be awarded?
July 12, 2014

What is expected from the winner?
Anonymity of submission authors is maintained during the contest. Only the winners will be requested to allow their names to be associated with their prize. Winners permitting association will then be showcased on Knudra’s websites.