L1 filter

What micron filter should I use to filter L1 staged worms? and where can I buy it?


L1s have a diameter of about 12µm, so you’d have to go somewhat below this. As to where, well i guess that depends on where you are?

Most of the main name companies have stocks of sieves, we are using some that insert into falcons from SIGMA (they are 40µm, they do smaller)


It’s unclear if you want to recover or remove the L1s. If the former, is there a compelling reason not to use the standard method of bleaching and hatching without food?

If the latter, do you need to remove them from embryos or older animals? Note that it will be extremely difficult to separate L1s and L2s by filtration.

my friends in the NSA 8) sent me this link ; http://forums.wormbase.org/index.php?topic=2209.msg5367#msg5367

So I guess your L1 worms have already tasted bacteria right? That kind of rules out bleaching.

Are you trying to obtain a clean population of L1s with no L2s from a semi-synchronised plate/culture then? Or something else?

One alternative is to go the COPAS route, TOF gives a reasonable separation for L1/L2.

(This article might be of interest too: http://www.dovepress.com/a-method-for-ranking-compounds-based-on-their-relative-toxicity-using--peer-reviewed-article-OAB

Given you are based in the Meyer Lab, you could even utilise ‘ecopower’ and separate the worms electrophoretically :o