Lab manager/Research Specialist at Gurkar Lab (Aging Institute, U.Pitt)

[size=10pt]Lab description: The Gurkar lab is interested in defining the molecular mechanisms that drive aging in response to endogenous DNA damage, which accumulates in all of us over time. We believe that this will reveal novel therapeutic targets that can be further harnessed to extend healthy life.
Our goal is to dissect the DNA damage induced nucleo-mitochondrial communication that leads to cell fate decisions such as cellular senescence and apoptosis. To expedite this work, we employ a dual-model platform to work in parallel with DNA repair-deficient C. elegans and mice.

We are looking for fun, skilled and highly motivated individuals excited to work with a scientific team focused on understanding the basis of age-related disease such as neurodegeneration, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Job description:
• Perform general lab maintenance, maintain lab stock, manage chemical inventory and safety records, and provide general lab support as needed.
• Perform experiments related to understanding mechanism(s) that lead to age- related diseases.
• Develop and implement biochemical and cell-based assays
• Set-up and update standard operating procedures/protocols.
• Genotyping/cloning/ microscopy
• Maintain detail records of all experiments/ protocols and procedures
• Assist with purchasing laboratory equipment.
• Contribute to publication of findings and present ongoing work and findings to
colleagues at academic conferences.
• Work with health and safety department to ensure lab complies with regulations
and all required trainings.
• Oversee supply and equipment budget under supervision of principal

• Experience with primary mouse cell culture and/or C. elegans is encouraged
• Excellent communicator who can work as part of a team with other members
• Detail-oriented and organized
• BS in Biology/Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry or related discipline
• Minimum 2 years of lab experience

Contact Information: The Gurkar lab is based at the Aging Institute, University of Pittsburgh- School of Medicine.
Please send your CV with names of three references to: Email:
or apply at[/size]