LGI left morphologicals?

Hi All,

I’m mapping a new mutant on the left side of LGI and have determined that it is to the left of unc-11 (-2.51). Does anyone have suggestions for good morphological markers out there that could be used for 3-point mapping with unc-11 and my new mutant (sterile)? Most of the genes I have found out there either have penetrance / expressivity issues or one of the associated phenotypes is sterility / lethality.

I suppose I may have to resort to using SNPs and / or deficiency mapping, but I would like to get the new mutant into a known interval first if possible. The Df coverage on LGI left is somewhat spotty, too.

Thanks for your help,

Tim Kroft

I recall that egl-30 wasn’t a bad marker for mapping - but at -12.5 it’s also fairly distant.
lin-17 (-7.3) is quite usable, but is only 50% penetrant. That’s not great, but if you build the right chromosome Lin-non-Unc should be fairly straightforward to pick.
The recessive scrawny phenotype of sup-11 (-5.7) might be useful.
It might be possible to map against one of the Baillie lethals in the region that has a phenotype easily distinguished from sterility - for example, larval lethality, as in the case of let-157 (-4.2).

Also, if you aren’t already, you should probably be testing your mutation for complementation with the Baillie lethals in the region - many of them have a sterile phenotype, like your mutant, and even one that has a different phenotype might be a stronger or weaker allele of your gene.


Thanks for the sup-11 suggestion. I was not familiar with that gene but it looks like a good one to try next. Some of the egl-30s are supposed to have an associated unc phenotype, but I think ad806 looks good. There is also mention of semi-dominance with some of the egl-30s but I will have to cross to N2 and see what the hets look like. I was waiting to try lin-17 because of the penetrance issue, but you are right to point out that I should be able to get good data with only one of the two recombinant classes.