Locomotion videos

Hello All,
I am having trouble with the analisys of locomotion videos. I need to process the videos using ImageJ with Quick time Player and then analise them with WormTracker. The problem is that my videos are too heavy (10 min) and I can not open them with ImageJ. I think that the reason is that the memory`s program is not enough (32 bit Java, Does not work with 64-bit Java)
Does anyone knows how to solve this?

Hi Yamila,

not sure I fully understood your question… I understand that you don’t manage to open your movies with ImageJ, right?
In that case, you have to use the “virtual stack” option.
I don’t know how it is with ImageJ exactly, because I have been using Fiji (ImageJ plus lots of plug-ins, http://fiji.sc/Fiji) for a while. On import in Fiji, an option window pops up.
Under memory management, select the “Use virtual stack” option. If it’s greyed out and the “Concatenate series when compatible” is selected, deselect that one.

Hope that helps.

Hi matthias,

Thank you for your help! I have tried to use virtual stack but then i can´t analise the videos with the wormtracker. I will try Fiji.



I’m no Quentin Tarantino, but how about cutting your videos into smaller clips and analysing (rather than what drug mules do) them with ImageJ / Wormtracker?


I have tried that too, but i have to cut into 1 min videos each of the 100 (10 min) videos. So i was hoping open bigger videos into the ImageJ and not analyze all those videos one by one.


ok, what format and what size are these videos? Then we can see how they are interacting with ImageJ.