Looking for printed slides to freeze-crack

I am looking for multiwell slides for freeze crack experiments. Until recently, I have used Cel-Line brand teflon printed slides with 3 square wells (14x14mm, each well apart by 11mm) purchased through Fisher, now the slides are discontinued and the custom orders do not seem feasible. I’ve tested some other teflon coated slides from different companies but they do not work as well. The main issues are: the printed surface is not smooth resulting in uneven freeze-crack, the wells are too close to each other making it difficult to cover each well with a coverslip and then freeze-crack each well efficiently. Can anyone suggest printed slides that work well for freeze-cracks? Supplier and catalog no would be very useful. Thank you very much,

contact the nance lab @ nyu medical. i was a student there and i relied heavily on freeze
cracking and immunostaining for my phd. i have now moved onto boston and do not
remember what brand of slides we used. info might be in papers from the lab too.