mcherry Antibody for WB?

I’m looking for an mcherry antibody that works well in C Elegans Western Blots. All the antibodies I’ve found in the papers are “homemade”. Does anybody know a commercial antibody that actually works?

Thank you so much!


I had very good results with the following antibody: rabbit polyclonal anti-DsRed (ClonTech). I used it 1:1,000 for WB. More details in Burga et al (2011). Interestingly, some commercial anti-mCherry specific antibodies that I tried didn’t work at all (?). anti-DsR cross reacts with mCherry and it gives a single nice band of the correct size.

Good luck


Thank you Jano!
I’d strongly recommend my mentor to buy this antibody!

Thank you again!


you are welcome! :slight_smile: