mCherry or CFP transgenics

Could you please contact me if you have integrated mCherry or CFP tagged transgenes that you are willing to share.
I’m trying to build a collection that can be used for identifying specific cells or tissues in conjunction with GFP tagged
transgenes. Many thanks!

I’d be interested in finding integrated mCherry transgenes tagging subsets of neurons.

Hello, I am also interested on finding fluorescent transgenics other than GFP. I required them to be bright, 100% penetrant and expressed constitutively (doesn’t matter in which tissue/cell).

Please let me know if you have an idea of how I can obtain one of such lines.

Thank you,

I have a spontaneous unc-119::mCherry that expresses very brightly in the nervous system & head muscles, it is not on X, III or V. Some embryonic lethality. Let me know if you want it (

Spontaneous means that does not require induction? Is it expressed constantly? Which is the background strain you are using?

If is constantly expressed, bright, and lay enough progeny, I might be interested.