membership in worm field

This question might sound weird to be posted here. But I want to know, as a worm researcher, what kind of membership can we usually get? Thanks.

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To be honest, it would seem a little abstract wherever you posted such a question. However, I have my bottle of Segreto with me on this journey of discovery and so I will press on with the task of actually finding out what you mean…

So, ‘membership in the worm field’…I’m assuming you mean professional bodies? But this would make for a very long list as there is a professional body for just about every aspect of the research you might want to conduct with worms. This might range from the more general:

e.g. (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

to the very specialised:

e.g. (American Phytopathological Society)

Some are open access, some require that you have a track record in research, some come in recognition of your work…

I think you are perhaps best focussing on your research question, attending useful Meetings (a great skill to develop) and not worrying about memberships other than the employable Post Doc Club / promising PhD Student or 'could be faculty material Assistant Prof., the rest is just window Dressing and if you don’t cut it at the bench then no manner of membership will save you from an early bath.


Thanks and Congratulations to you, Steve!

Do we have a C. elegans research society membership?

If I attend the 20th international worm meeting this year, will I get any membership? or does this meeting offer any membership?

The International C. elegans meetings are organized by the Genetics Society. Members of the society get a discount on meeting registration; this discount may be equal to the cost of membership, and there are some other advantages to being a member, plus you help support a great organization.

There are other organizations, of course; in particular, in the non-elegans nematology, ecology, and invertebrate pathology worlds there are smaller and more tightly knit communities.

Other than that, if there’s any membership, any special club, any secret forum or mailing list, anything at all, I’m not aware of its existence. All you can do is be active, especially by doing good work and by getting to know other C. elegans researchers.

Steve and I have our non-secret IRC channel that some other people hang out in, but it’s pretty quiet in there.

Thanks for sharing!

In addition if you publish in the field, you will get a WormBase Person ID and will appear on the WormBase site like WBPerson77.
In the past we used to print the whole network of Nematologists on a big poster for the IWM, but the network got too big.