microscopes for worm work

Hi guys,

Could you please tell me what kind of microscope you use for picking/transferring worms? what kind of fluorescence microscope/imaging system you use in the lab? (brand name, model, and the price if possible). Thank you very much.


before we all get excited and suggest our favorite dissecting microscopes/fluorescent imaging systems it would be useful to know;

  1. What are you planning on doing (mainly for the latter).

  2. What have you come up with so far by searching around.

  3. How much money you have available.

Also, have you asked around to see if there is the possibility of sharing access to a fluorescent microscope/imaging system. Many labs use a core facility for confocal/fluorescence work to keep the costs down.




Just kidding!

As Steve said, it’d be better if you answered his questions first before we give you some recommendations.

Hi Kim,

we’re all still waiting with breathless anticipation for your reply…