Mite infestation

Dear fellow wormbreeders,

As of late, we have a very persistent, widespread mite infestation in our incubators. Our last cleaning didn’t result in a total eradication and within a month, the incubators were full of mites again. I would like to know some approaches people are taking to get rid of these horrible animals and to keep them mite-free. We do use mite paper on the shelves but this doesn’t seem to help anymore. I’ve heard of using mothballs. Does this help? Or cleaning with the chemical benzylbenzoate?? I would appreciate any suggestions.

Many thanks



You might want to try taking all of your worms out of the incubator, putting mothballs in the incubator, and shifting the temperature up higher (we did 40 degrees for 2 days, although I have read that higher is better). After this, we haven’t seen any mites in a few months. Hope this helps!