MitoTracker labeling of male sperm


I’ve been looking through the different ways to follow sperm transfer during mating. Most papers use Mitotracker CMXRos, but I was wondering if other versions/colors don’t work at all, don’t work as well, or haven’t been tested. I would prefer to use MitoTracker Deep Red FM, but I would love to know if it doesn’t work before buying it! Advice would be appreciated!


Hey Kevin,

I guess it’s a question of labeling all the mitos, or only the ‘quality’ mitos.

Skim over the staining mitochondria section:

Funny enough, I’ve used a bunch of the MTs (Green FM, Orange CMTMRos, Red CMXRos, Red CM-H2XRos) except Red and Deep Red) for other stuff.

Thanks, Snug. Do you know how well other mitotrackers work to label C. elegans sperm? The mechanism through which they label mitochondria is inconsequential to me.


CMXROS works really well. I think the main reason people haven’t really used Deep Red FM yet is because it’s a ‘newer’ derivative and people just stick with what’s been tried and true. Molecular Probes is awesome for customer support, so I’m sure you could contact your local rep and get a sample size format for free or a nominal cost so you don’t end up being stuck with 20 vials of useless powder.