mounting worm

Hi all,

I want to mount my worms to visualize under the microscope with no movement of them. But I have a problem with this “no movement” issue. Even small bit but they usually move which I don’t want. I use 4% of agarose and 20mM levamisole and make always fresh agarose and levamisole. What I should do more. Please help. Thank you


Hi Sebiha,

Did you try to remove fluid excess in your slide with kimwipes?


Thanks Alexandre,

I haven’t tired it, but i will. However i believe no fluid excess on the slide since i have added 1 micro liter of levamisole and 1 micro liter of worm solution.


how about NaN3 ?

I think you should try a mixture of 0.1% Tricane with 0.01% Tetramisole. :slight_smile: