Niels Bohr Professorships - 5 years - Denmark - $4 million US - Sep 1, 2015

To senior faculty out there with an itch to travel…

The Danish National Research Foundation is trying to attract
senior level researchers to Denmark for a five-year period.

To apply, the applicant must be at a level equivalent to
full professor. It’s a pretty decent chunk of money: 25-30M Danish kroner = 3.5 - 4 million US$.

This is the first time they do this and they expect to have 6-8 positions to fill in this
application round.

The application deadline is September 1st, 2015.

Here is a link to the full proposal (in english):

Note, you are NOT necessarily required to be in Denmark the entire time, although it’s
preferred. I’d try to avoid the Danish winter if you can…


Here is the blurb from the foundation:

Call for Proposals
The Danish National Research Foundation hereby invites Danish researchers to
submit proposals for Niels Bohr Professorships. The application procedure is
conducted as a “bottom-up” process, and applicants from all research fields
may apply. The professorships may start operating in the summer/early fall of
2016, for a 5-year period.

The Niels Bohr Professorship Program seeks to attract strong, international,
senior-level researchers who are able to significantly advance the internationalization
of a specific area of research in Denmark with lasting, long-term
effects. The DNRF welcomes proposals for research programs characterized by
novelty, creativity and excellence.
The Niels Bohr professor must have a high standing in the international
research community. The proposed research must be outstanding and cutting
edge. During the funding period, the Niels Bohr professor must act as a
catalyst, supporting a strong scientific cohesiveness, and demonstrate
scientific/scholarly leadership of the receiving research group. The Niels Bohr
professor must engage in research training activities, such as the supervision
of Ph.D. students.
The Niels Bohr professor may start up a new research group or enter into an
existing one. It is possible to bring along junior researchers to Denmark.

The DNRF welcomes proposals in which the Niels Bohr professor stays in
Denmark for the entire 5-year funding period. However, other models in which
the professor remains in Denmark for shorter or longer visits are also welcomed.
The time spent in Denmark is expected to correspond to 50-100% of a
full-time equivalent.
Proposals must be submitted by the researcher responsible for the research
group at the Danish university receiving the visiting professor.
Researchers at the level of full professor or equivalent from foreign universities
or research institutions can be recruited to a research group or environment
at a Danish university for a permanent position or a long-term affiliation.

Danes holding a full professorship or equivalent at a foreign university are also
A high level of commitment from the Danish host institution to the proposed
Niels Bohr Professorship is required for applying. A clear vision for the embedment
of the Niels Bohr Professorship after the termination of DNRF funding
is expected.
The receiving research group must be capable of providing a suitable and
focused research environment and infrastructure, supported by the host institution.

Available funding
Six to eight grants are expected to be awarded. The total funding for each
grant is expected to be DKK 25-30M, including salaries for the Niels Bohr professor
and associated junior researchers, salary for administrative support,
operating costs, and 44% overhead. The salary level of the Niels Bohr professor
is arranged with the host institution.

Proposals must be received by the DNRF no later than Tuesday, September
1, 2015 by noon.

Proposals must be written in English using an application form, which can be
downloaded from The application form must be submitted as a
single PDF file and sent as an attachment to an e-mail to
Further information
Please refer to the Guide for Applicants, the application form and
for further information. Applicants are welcome to contact either Special Adviser
Johanne Juhl, E-mail:, Tel.:+45 3318 1951, or Director Thomas
Sinkjær, E-mail:, Tel.