off target RNAi - where to find cross reactivity info

i know that there is information out there about which other genes a particular RNAi probe
might deplete, but i cannot find it. i recall this information being embedded in the Ahringer
library somewhere, but i cannot find it. can someone please post an actual link that i can
follow in order to find this information.



Hey Dorian,

try , there you can check the targets and off-targets of your RNAi.




If you want the complete list just for the Ahringer clones, go to:

But if you have a single clone, just use Wormbase


only has one target but;class=PCR_product

has 3.

As an alternative, if you have multiple clones, you can also find the information you’re looking for directly in WormMart, specifically using the WS220 (but not WS220-bugfix) release; dataset RNAi. Enter as filter “PCR_Product”, and input your list.