Hi, everyone
I would like to get the 8X outcrossed worms. so, how many times should I put the worms of interest(hermaphrodites) to mate with N2(males)? Do I get the 2X outcrossed worms once I got the F2 homozygote? I mean, should I repeat the process 7 times or just 3 times? I hope you understand what I want to express. Thank you in advance


just to be clear…are you asking about 8x backcrossed worms?


rather than 8x outcrossed worms??



Thanks Steven, the information is very useful for me. I compeletely thought the two terms stand for the same meaning. Now I am not confused. What I want to know is about “backcross”. That is,how many times should I execute the process(mating the worm strain of interest with N2 males) if I would like to get the 8X backcrossed worms?


take a look at;


Go to section Backcrossing strategy.

This outlines how you set up (and count) backcrosses.

Hope this helps getting you started…it takes a while!


Thanks for your kindly help.