Overlapping coding exons

Now here’s a curious thing.

H12I13.6 and H12I13.5 have coding exons overlapping in opposite senses.

There appears to be good transcript evidence for them both:
yk542b3.5 and yk542b3.3 for H12I13.6
yk222b1.5 and yk222b1.3 for H12I13.5

Both of these pairs of ESTs align showing introns with good splice sites in their respective sense.

No phenotype has been scored for these genes.
No mass-spec peptides have been mapped to these genes.

Are these two genes real?



I have found another possible coding overlap in opposite strands.

The EST EC008365 clearly uses strong splice sites when it is aligned to the opposite strand to a coding exon of F14D2.15 and to the UTR of F14D2.13

I am reluctant to create a gene on this opposite strand using this EST unless there is further evidence for it.