Plate pouring machine using 35 mm plates?

Are there any labs out there using plate pouring machines that can use 35 mm petri dishes?

We are looking to purchase an automated pouring machine for the CGC, but it will need to accept 35 mm plates. I’ve come across several models on-line, such as the CombiJet from EZ Micro or the Mediajet from Integra (which, superficially at least, look the same), but would appreciate user feedback. Does anyone have any recommendations? Any models to avoid?

Are there any general problems you might have had with automated pouring machines? Inconsistent fills? Feed problems such as jams, skipped plates, etc.? Contamination? Is cleanup painful? How compatible is your machine with various manufacturers’ plates?

Thanks in advance.

Nadja Lebedeva in our group has this to say about our Integra pump:

  • all in all really helpful !!!

  • no skipped plates

  • no contaminations (UV lamp is great!)

  • it takes around 45 min to pour 2 liters of NGM agar for 35 mm plates

  • provided tubes are painful to clean and there were always agar leftovers! we got some softer and cheaper ones and that solved the problem

  • cleanup in general is easy, but if one of the plates is upside-down the machine will not detect an error and will make a mess and it´s really peainful to clean:
    (we need to abort the process, unload a full carrousel and use a new tube…) … but if a lid or a bottom is missing it does stop the process automatically!

  • for 35 mm pouring process has to be fast and trained (agar might solidify in the tube while calibrating volumes)

  • sizes bigger than 35 mm are less tricky

  • for plate numbers higher than ~ 400 (around 360 per carrousel) someone has to stay and refill

  • not all manufacturers´ plates are compatible