Post-doc, Derby, UK: regulation of protein degradation by muscle attachment

In the near future I will be advertising a three year, MRC funded, postdoctoral position at the University of Nottingham (Derby Medical School) on The project has two main goals 1) To determine which of roughly 150 muscle attachment complex genes appear to regulate muscle protein degradation 2) To determine the mechanism(s) of this regulation. The project will be largely RNAi and microscopy based with significant Western blotting and genetics anticipated. Ideally I would like to recruit someone who has done a PhD in worms and/or who is already a postdoc working in worms and who is looking toward developing an independent line of research to call their own.

I am posting here so that interested individuals can email me to discuss the position informally prior to the release of the formal add.

Web page with research summarries for other ongoing, related projects and some relevant publications:


The ad has, finally, gone live: