Postdoc on Animal RNAi Research at Iowa State University

A new postdoctoral research associate position is available immediately for energetic individuals with a firm background training in molecular biology or biochemistry and a prior PhD research experience on C. elegans or other animal models species. Preferences are given to candidates who have performed RNA interference (RNAi) experiments on animal model species. The annual salary of this position will be no less than $40K :smiley: and commensurate with candidate qualification.

The new postdoc will be given the resource and guidance to conduct RNAi research, with a focus on the RNAi transfection techniques. The postdoc will be a member of our NSF sponsored project team to develop optimal siRNA design software based on a whole genome thermodynamic analysis approach. This project will use the novel RNAi transfection techniques developed by the postdoc to validate the designed siRNA in vivo. The postdoc can also take advantage of the siRNA design solutions developed by the NSF project to investigate biological problems of interest to him.

Our interdisciplinary research team is unique in that all members including the postdoc can help shape the future direction of the research project, instead of just being told by the PI what to do next. This new postdoc position is especially suitable to individuals who prefer semi-independent thinking and are capable of designing their own experiments but may not have been given the opportunity to do so previously.

For more information about the postdoc position and the application procedure, please visit our website:

Dr. Hui-Hsien Chou
Complex Computation Lab
Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
Department of Computer Science
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-3223