Postdoc position and research technician position available in the McNally lab a

Two positions, a postdoc and a research technician, are open in the

McNally lab at University of California, Davis. Research in the laboratory
uses Caenorhabditis elegans as a model for studying female meiotic spindles.
We use a variety of genetic, molecular and cellular techniques to study the
mechanisms of meiotic spindle positioning at the egg cortex and the
mechanisms that control meiotic spindle length and polar body size. Recent
publications include:

Yang, H., McNally, K., and F.J. McNally.  2003.  MEI-1/katanin is

required for translocation of the meiosis I spindle to the oocyte cortex in
C. elegans. Dev. Biol. 260: 245-259.
Yang, H., Mains, P.E., and F.J. McNally. 2005. Kinesin-1 mediates
translocation of the meiotic spindle to the oocyte cortex through KCA-1, a
novel cargo adapter. J. Cell Biol. 169: 447-457.
McNally, K.L., and F.J. McNally. 2005. Fertilization initiates the
transition from anaphase I to metaphase II during C. elegans meiosis. Dev.
Biol. 282: 218-230.
McNally, K., Audhya, A., Oegema, K., and F.J. McNally. 2006. Katanin
controls mitotic and meiotic spindle length. J. Cell Biol. 175: 881-891.

How to apply: Send a resume , a brief statement of your career goals and the
names and email addresses of at least 2 references to:
Frank McNally
fjmcnally at