Postdoc Position in Bembenek Lab at UT Knoxville

A postdoctoral scientist position is available in the Bembenek Lab at UT Knoxville. Our research group is studying cell division using C. elegans as a model organism. Our lab is seeks to understand how key cell cycle regulators such as separase control membrane trafficking during cytokinesis. We are also interested in how cells regulate abscission and newly emerging functions of the midbody during development using advanced microscopy techniques like lattice light sheet imaging ( An ideal candidate will have training in genetics, microscopy and cell biology. Our lab houses a dedicated spinning disk confocal microscope for our live cell imaging work. We also use biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology techniques to explore how mechanisms of cell division operate in a developmental context. The University of Tennessee also provides opportunities for candidates to obtain teaching experience at a large state university. Interested candidates can send a letter of interest, CV and references to Dr. Joshua Bembenek at