Postdoc Position in NYC: cell biology and morphogenesis

The Bao lab at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is looking for postdoctoral fellows in the area of cell biology and morphogenesis, in the following two projects:

  1. Left-right symmetry breaking. Visceral LR asymmetry is a general feature among Bilateria. We found recently that the left-right symmetry breaking process in C. elegans is driven by mirror-asymmetric dynamics of cortical actomyosin during the 4- to 6-cell division in the early embryo. This mirror-asymmetric dynamics appears to be a conserved feature of cytokinesis in vertebrates as well. We have obtained mutants through screens and we are looking for people to join us to elucidate the underlying mechanisms.

  2. Formation of the nervous system. Under the collaborative effort of WormGUIDES to produce a 4D atlas of how the nervous systems wires, we have conducted systematic live imaging in the late embryos, which revealed unexpected collective cell behaviors to organize cell position and/or neurite outgrowth. We are looking for people to join in the effort to study the mechanisms underlying these collective behaviors. We are also open to exploring other dynamic aspects of neural development.

Both projects offer the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary skills in terms of live imaging and computational tools to study development. Specific projects can be tailored based on individual expertise and interest. Please email cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to

MSKCC provides strong support for postdoctoral fellows and their families, including competitive salary, housing, childcare and others (