Postdoc position in synthetic biology/neurobiology, University of Edinburgh, UK

A 3-year postdoc position is available in the Greiss lab at the Centre for Integrative Physiology, University of Edinburgh, UK. The post is funded by the European Research Council (ERC).

We use genetic code expansion to site-specifically incorporate unnatural amino acids into proteins in vivo in C. elegans. This allows us to engineer photo-activateable proteins in C. elegans neurons, which can be used as novel tools to control within an intact, freely moving animal i) the activity of any desired single neuron or defined group of neurons, and ii) individual chemical and electrical synaptic connections between neurons. The successful candidate will optimize and apply this technology to investigate, with unparalleled precision, how neuronal circuits generate behaviour.

The candidate will benefit from training in a vibrant intellectual and collaborative environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Our lab is closely integrated with two other C. elegans labs. The expertise and technical facilities of our groups are wide-ranging and complementary, providing the post holder with excellent opportunities for future career development. The Centre for Integrative Physiology offers an ideal and collaborative environment to pursue our research, comprising of more than 50 research groups that use diverse model organisms and in vitro systems to explore neural function. The Centre is embedded in Edinburgh Neuroscience as one of the top neuroscience clusters in the UK, offering outstanding core facilities.

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