Postdoc Position_Neurobiology/Aging_University of Florida College of Medicine

The Sung Min Han lab ( at the University of Florida College of Medicine has a postdoc position to start immediately.
The Han Lab mainly uses C. elegans as the model organism to study the genetic and molecular mechanisms on how adult neurons regenerate their damaged axons following injury to reform functional synapses.
In particular, we are interested in how mitochondria respond to axonal damage and how the changes in mitochondria regulate axon regeneration.

Please refer to:
Han, et al. (2016) Neuron 92, 1308–1323.
Kosmaczewski, et al. (2015) PNAS. 112 (27), 8451-8456.

To address these questions, we will apply multidisciplinary approaches including C. elegans genetics, genome editing, laser micro-axotomy, live imaging, mitochondrial biology, and transcriptome analysis.
Postdoctoral applicants with a strong background in any of these fields are encouraged to apply.

Postdoc will work closely with PI to conduct research and develop new projects.

The Institute of Aging the University of Florida School of Medicine ( is a vibrant and friendly community that provides a collaborative environment.
There are opportunities for career development, including internal grants.

To apply, please send your CV, contact information for three references, and cover letter to