Postdoc: UC, San Diego. Evolution of Development and Genetic Networks

A postdoctoral position on the evolution of genetic networks and
development is available starting as soon as Sept 1 2016 in the lab of
Scott Rifkin at UC, San Diego.

There are two potential research projects:

The first uses the Caenorhabditis genus as a model system for studying
the phenomenon of morphological stasis or robustness.Caenorhabditis
worms are famous for their highly stereotyped and invariant pattern of
development, but beneath this is a substantial amount of genetic
change.The project would focus on the mechanics and evolution of
developmental decisions in early embryogenesis and involve single
molecule resolution measurements of gene expression, 4-D microscopy,
and, potentially, mathematical modeling.

The second project investigates how genetic networks are organized so as
to buffer or amplify stochastic, genetic, and environmental
variation.The focus will be on the evolution of the dauer decision, a
ecologically and evolutionarily crucial life-history decision in
Caenorhabditis where all three types of variation of variation play a
role. Techniques would involve microfluidics, microscopy, image
processing, and genetic engineering, and, potentially, mathematical
modeling and experimental evolution.

Candidates must have an experimental background, ideally with worms. As
both projects involve substantial analysis of microscopy images and
variation, experience in programming, image analysis, and/or statistics
are preferred. Only candidates with lead authorship on at least one
substantial published project will be considered.

Our group is located on the campus of University of California, San
Diego, in the Division of Biology, Section of Ecology, Behavior, and
Evolution (EBE).UCSD has a strong reputation for quantitative biology
and a thriving worm research community, and EBE has a particular
strength in experimental evolution.

If you are interested, please send a CV, a statement of research
interests, copies of relevant publications, and the names and contact
information of at least two references to Scott Rifkin at
.The position has a target start date of September 1,
2016, but is flexible.