Postdoctoral Associate Positions - NYU

The Gunsalus and Piano Labs in NYU’s Center for Genomics & Systems Biology are searching for talented Postdoctoral Associates to develop experimental and computational research projects. We study the genetic and evolutionary mechanisms underlying early embryonic development in the animal model organism C. elegans, using both genome-scale functional genomic and small-scale molecular genetic approaches. Ongoing areas of investigation include genetic interaction networks, post-transcriptional regulation, and molecular genetic and cell biological mechanisms underlying embryonic development. We welcome interest in developing both ongoing and novel research projects in the lab. For computational biologists, we are particularly interested in candidates with a background in machine learning, statistics, network analysis, image processing, and/or data integration for application to large-scale phenotypic and genetic interaction data. The CGSB offers a dynamic and vibrant research environment in the heart of Greenwich Village. We also work closely with our sister lab at NYU Abu Dhabi, where projects focus primarily on natural products discovery and chemical genetics. More information about our labs can be found at our webpage, Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume, and two letters of recommendation to Jessica Lucas ( * at *