Postdoctoral Position at North Carolina State University

The San-Miguel Lab at North Carolina State University has an open position for a Postdoctoral Scholar to study the biological networks and mechanisms involved in neuronal aging in C. elegans. The project, funded by NIH, will be developed using engineering approaches for high-content quantitative imaging and phenotyping (microfluidics, experimental platform design and automation, control, high-content data analysis).
The lab is part of NCSU’s Synthetic and Systems Biology initiative ( and is housed within the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Recent PhD graduates or candidates close to completion with knowledge of C. elegans, neuroscience, and/or microfluidics are preferred. This is a two year Postdoctoral appointment, subject to review after one year, with the possibility of extension. To apply or request additional information, please contact Dr. Adriana San-Miguel (asanmiguel AT ncsu DOT edu).