Postdoctoral Position in Lyon, France

Postdoctoral Position in Lyon, France

Laboratoire de Génétique, Signalisation et Cancer CNRS UCBL Lyon I UMR5201
Dir Marc Billaud

Characterization of novel signalling pathways involved
in ageing and tumour suppression.

Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan is controlled by the insulin/IGF-1 DAF-2 receptor pathway which also influences ageing in Drosophila and in mice. DAF-18, encoded by a homologue of the human PTEN tumour suppressor gene, negatively regulates the insulin-like pathway. Previous data obtained in our laboratory have shown that human PTEN expression rescues the lifespan phenotype of daf-18 mutants and that its activity is regulated in a similar manner in worms and in mammalian cells, thus sustaining the relevance of C.elegans as a model to study the regulation of human PTEN function.
In order to identify novel partners of DAF-18/PTEN involved in lifespan regulation, we initiated a genetic screen by RNAi to isolate genes that modulate longevity in a daf-18 dependent manner. The general objective of the project will be to further characterize the role of new DAF-18 partners by genetic/cellular and biochemical approaches in C.elegans and in mammalian cells.

We are looking for a strongly motivated candidate with experience in biochemical, molecular and cellular biology. A background in C.elegans is desirable but not required.
The position is available for 2 years. Deadline for application is 30/09/2007.

Lyon is located nearby mountains “Les Alpes”, 2 hours from Paris .

Please send your application to florence.solari at,
“Tumour suppressors and ageing” Group.