Postdoctoral position in Stockholm, Sweden

Postdoctoral fellowship available starting immediately.

The applicant has to fulfill the regulations for a postdoctoral stipend position in Sweden, i.e. the date of the PhD degree cannot be more than 3 years in the past, preferably less, and the applicant cannot be Swedish citizen.

Research project: Regulation of cell fate by transcription factors.

Our research focuses on the regulation of cell fate by transcription factors, in particular homeobox genes, and how the control cell fate during development.
The laboratory uses an integrated approach that combines cell biology, genetic and molecular studies in C. elegans with bioinformatics and mathematical modeling. To study the transcription factor function, a 4D microscopy system has been developed ( In addition, a Copas Biosort worm sorter with fluorescent sorting capability is available to allow high-throughput genetic mutant screens (

Dept. of Biosciences and Nutrition, and Center for Biosciences
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Application: We are seeking motivated scientists with experience in molecular biology, as well as with model systems, in particular C. elegans. Competence and/or flair for operating sophisticated equipment (Spinning disc confocal, Copas Biosort, etc.) is highly desired.

To apply, please submit your CV, your competences, and names of referees to Thomas Bürglin
Email: thomas.burglin @ ki . se

Further information:
Lab Website: Research Group Thomas Bürglin

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