Postdoctoral Positions at the University of Minnesota

Postdoctoral Positions
Cell Biology of Signaling and Protein Trafficking in C. elegans
University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences

The Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development at the University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities is seeking highly motivated individuals to work as NIH-funded postdoctoral researchers in interdisciplinary research on the cell biology of signaling and protein trafficking in C. elegans. One position focuses on investigating G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling in C. elegans using novel bio-sensors. The successful candidate will work on a collaborative project involving the Greenstein and Sivaramakrishnan labs. A second position focuses on the role of OOC-5/TorsinA in the regulation of protein trafficking during oogenesis, which is a collaborative project involving the Greenstein and Luxton labs.

Lab information:
Sivaramakrishnan lab –
Greenstein lab–
Luxton lab–

Motivated applicants with a Ph.D. degree and previous experience in cell and developmental biology or a related field are encouraged to submit a curriculum vitae and the names of three references directly to: David Greenstein,