Postdoctoral positions in cilia and extracellular vesicle biology

The Barr Lab in the Rutgers Genetics Department is looking for qualified and imaginative postdoctoral scientists to study the biology of cilia and extracellular vesicles. Cilia are found on most non-dividing cells in the human body, perform a multiplicity of functions, and when faulty, cause a wide range of pathologies called ciliopathies. The Barr lab uses C. elegans as a springboard to identify mechanisms that specialize cilia in form and function. One ciliary specialization is the ability to produce extracellular vesicles (EVs). EV detection is a challenge and obstacle because of their small size (100nm). We use the worm to visualize and monitor EV release and bioactivity in real time and in vivo.

For a list of publications from the Barr lab please visit our website and

These postdoctoral positions will be funded by R01 research grants from the NIDDK, with the expectation that individuals will apply for external postdoctoral fellowship awards.

Required Qualifications:
• Ph.D. in the Life Sciences
• Expertise working with C. elegans is preferred but not essential
• Laboratory experience with molecular biology and biochemical techniques
• Ability to work independently and collaboratively
• A passion for scientific research
• Strong organization and time management skills
• Eligibility to train in the United States

Interested applicants should email a (1) cover letter, (2) curriculum vitae, and (3) the names and contact information for three references directly to

Maureen Barr
Genetics Department
Rutgers University
145 Bevier Rd.
Piscataway, NJ 08854